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[img align=center][/img] Dear Sir/Madam, The emergence of globalization and the explosion of information and communication technology has changed the way people work and life style in every aspect. Everything is moving very fast and information is widely spread in no time. Hospital Pulau Pinang (HPP) did not miss to join this stream and has always been sensitive to developments and changes occurring in technology. Typically, interaction with customers is difficult because of certain limitation by the physical aspects such as long distance communication and media are a bit behind. Thus, the existence of this portal, customer could communicate directly with HPP. I am confident that this portal, the information required to be obtained directly, accurately and quickly. Besides, this website also disseminates corporate information HPP as mission, vision and objectives of the organization chart of HPP and departments in the HPP. This portal is constantly updated from time to time to ensure that information disseminated is the latest to benefit all. It is my hope also that the HPP Portal is a source of information for the community not only for the people in Penang but also to anyone who needs it. I welcome any suggestions, improvements and constructive views to enhance the content of this portal. We hope all parties will benefit from it. Happy surfing. "All For Quality, Quality For All" Yours truly [b]DR. YASMIN BT. SULAIMAN Hospital Director[/b]

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