INTRODUCTION Penang Hospital were among the first health care facility held in Malaya since 1812. It is the second largest hospital in the country with a total of 1.090 beds. The main role of these hospitals are providing health care services, clinical training and clinical research. Penang Hospital offers outpatient clinical services for general, 15 secondary skills, 34 skills and 16 tertiary clinical support services. For outpatients, HPP has 31 clinics, EMTS, rehab therapy, clinical support, 6 pieces of theater, day care centers, dialysis and CAPD. For patients, there are 36 wards various classes and disciplines, 7 ICU wards, 10 operating room, a surgical HDW and O & G HDA. HPP also acts as a central reference point tertiary clinical services for the northern region. Penang Hospital has been recognized by the Ministry of Health as a clinical centers of excellence in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery, cardiology, cardiothoracic and nuclear medicine. To date, HPP has a strength of about 3.293 members, including 115 doctors and 412 medical officers. Total Beds: Class 1: 75 Class 2: 94 Class 3: 921 Penang Hospital built on a sprawling 35 acres with several building blocks: Block A Ward Class 1 & 2 (cardiothoracic, neurosurgery & Haematologi) § GICU § HDU neurosurgical & Plastics § Clinic cardiothoracic § Restoration How it Works § Pain Clinic Block B (Central Services Block) Emergency Department § Outpatient department § Specialist Clinics § Pathology & Blood Bank § Department of Diagnostic Imaging § Department of Nuclear Medicine § Department of Pharmacy § House Surgery § One-Stop Crisis Centre § Material Sterile Supply Unit § Room Sign Revenue Unit Satellite Pharmacy § Diner Block C (Ward C1 - C20) Ward Heart (CRW) Paediatric Ward Medical Ward Ward Neurology & Endocrine Nephrology Ward Ward Heart Ward Surgery Ward High Dependency Unit (HDA) Orthopaedic ward Ward Chest Ward Ophthalmology ENT Ward Ward Oncology & Dermatology Ward Gynea Ambulatory Care Center (ACC) Department of Respiratory Department of Urology Endocrinology Unit Medical Social Work Department Counseling Psychology Unit Infectious Diseases Unit Maternity Hospital Psychiatric Ward Store Integration Quarters

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